New Blockchain

New innovative blockchain

The best way to increase the company's capitalization, tokenize and introduce the blockchain

New consensus

The fastest and safest consensus in the world

Due to the correct formation of speed and logic from point a to point b, we have created a special formula for performing a transaction in the transaction itself. Create rules and execute them.

New Token

The safest in the world

A multi-signature token allows you to always be protected from theft. Your signed token can never be hacked


New view on consensus and trust

Proof Of Legend

A unique and innovative algorithm of consensus, developed by the method of inheritance, which leads to a quick and simple form of proof without complicated computational processes, is accepted by network participants in accordance with the formula for calculating the right to vote.
Full decentralization, transaction speed and block allocation.

Beta v0.56.129
Pavel Chabanov
Founder Gliesereum Foundation

10 years on the software development market of varying complexity, gave me the experience to form one of the strongest teams. We are creating a new approach to the technological development of information.
Cooperating with companies of the State of Israel, we are improving the company in the field of digital security.
Cooperating with various US funds, we create the opportunity to invest in new ideas in the company.

I am pleased to invite you to the new world of GLIESEREUM

We are developing

The technical stack of our specialists is constantly being improved, we are building a new form of the technological world of information.

Decentralized network

Create your own decentralized Peer to Peer network for secure data exchange in your business. Safe business success.


Tokenization of business today is one of the strongest sides of capitalization development and the market price of your business.

Encryption algorithms

Own encryption systems, algorithms of varying complexity. Uniqueness will protect information in full volume.


Own blockchain are modern registries of varying complexity, from the public sector to financial institutions and banks.

Trade platform

The modern crypto market is growing every day, it is possible to implement a trading platform of any complexity on the core of the Gliesereum OS.


Protection of networks, corporate sector, government agencies. We are constantly working on the security of your business.